PHOXTRACK - PHOsphosite-X-TRacing Analysis of Causal Kinases

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Like a fox in the snow kinases leave specific tracks in the phosphoproteome. These tracks consist of site-specific patterns of phosphorylation events on substrate proteins, and analysing these kinase tracks allows to infer regulation of causal kinases.

PHOXTRACK (PHOsphosite-X-TRacing Analysis of Causal Kinases) is a computational tool to compare kinase activities between different phosphoproteomes to identify key regulating proteins. In its current version, PHOXTRACK maps quantified phosphopeptides to their putative kinases and tests for concordant changes of kinase activity comparing whole phosphoproteomes. For this purpose, PHOXTRACK searches for an enrichment of known kinase targets in the uploaded phosphoproteomics profile data. PHOXTRACK thus allows for identification of regulated kinase activities between experimental conditions.


  • make use of thousands of experimental kinase/substrate data from different databases
  • make use of sequence-specific substrate data (phosphosites) without collapsing to the overall proteins they derive from
  • visualize activated and inhibited kinases together in one heat map
  • allow for testing user-defined sets of phosphopeptides representing e.g. experimental treatments or individual pathways
PHOXTRACK does not
  • use kinase motifs for prediction of kinase activity
  • require setting thresholds for significant up/down-regulation of phosphopeptides
  • predict phosphorylation sites
The users only needs to
  • upload phosphosites that were relatively quantified between two different conditions of choice (e.g. treated vs. nontreated samples)

For detailed description of PHOXTRACK, please see the tutorial .

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For detailed description of PHOXTRACK, please see the tutorial . If you have questions or you would like to report a bug, please register join our google group .


If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, or if you are interested in collaborative projects, do not hesitate to contact and to visit our research website . PHOXTRACK is maintained by Sascha Sauer , Christopher Weidner and Cornelius Fischer .


To cite the use of PHOXTRACK, please reference Weidner C, Fischer C, Sauer S. PHOXTRACK - a tool for interpreting comprehensive data sets of posttranslational modifications of proteins. Bioinformatics. 2014 Aug 24. pii: btu572. [Epub ahead of print]


The use of this software is free to academic users. Commercial entities should contact for further information.


This software is supplied without any warranty. Neither the authors nor the Max Planck Society are responsible for its use, misuse, or functionality. PHOXTRACK was build using RStudio’s beautiful Shiny framework.